Monday, 21 September 2015

Another mad week in the life of a florist!

Wow. Another crazy but exciting week. Last Tuesday four lovely members of Preston flower club came to my studio to create a stunning dress out of Virginia creeper leaves for The North West Area of NAFAS' Naturein2ART exhibition at Towneley Hall.
After I gave them a quick tutorial on glueing leaves and spray painting dried hydrangea heads I left them to it while I worked on my own exhibit - a giant contorted hazel tree with floating leaves. Tuesday night I started getting flowers ready for the next day.
On Wednesday I was teaching in the morning then spent the afternoon prepping for a dem at Bispham flower club on Wednesday night.
Thursday was staging day at Towneley Hall. I was honoured to have been invited to create an exhibit but so so nervous as to whether I could create something good!
The downside of having two gold medals is people expect me to be good!
Anyway this is what I created. What do you think?

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