Wednesday, 23 September 2015

In Vogue

On the way home from another floral demonstration. This time I was demonstrating at Mid Cheshire flower club. What a lovely welcome. Tea, sandwiches, lovely ladies. Love my job! Just a shame my mouth doesn't keep up with my brain. Tonight I lost the thread of my stories SO many times it got embarrassing. My mouth would go in one direction and my brain in the opposite. At least the ladies saw the funny side. And poor Carl ended up being the brunt of my jokes - yet again. Great banter but perhaps I shouldn't have said he's camper than Christmas!!!!!

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Monday, 21 September 2015

Another mad week in the life of a florist!

Wow. Another crazy but exciting week. Last Tuesday four lovely members of Preston flower club came to my studio to create a stunning dress out of Virginia creeper leaves for The North West Area of NAFAS' Naturein2ART exhibition at Towneley Hall.
After I gave them a quick tutorial on glueing leaves and spray painting dried hydrangea heads I left them to it while I worked on my own exhibit - a giant contorted hazel tree with floating leaves. Tuesday night I started getting flowers ready for the next day.
On Wednesday I was teaching in the morning then spent the afternoon prepping for a dem at Bispham flower club on Wednesday night.
Thursday was staging day at Towneley Hall. I was honoured to have been invited to create an exhibit but so so nervous as to whether I could create something good!
The downside of having two gold medals is people expect me to be good!
Anyway this is what I created. What do you think?

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