Thursday, 21 July 2011

Trials and tribulations of a florist -3

Finally found some gorgeously stunning plants at Bents garden centre with the expert help of a wonderful sales lady called Sharon. Spent two hours making my "planted arrangement" for the Birthday Party Shop Window competition at Tatton tomorrow. Was about to take a photo but decided to wheel the BBQ (my container) into the house...why??!!!!.....

It fell over. Disaster. All my beautiful plants now covered in wet soil. And the centre piece - a beautiful banana plant - has now got two split leaves. If I leave them on the judges will deduct marks; if I take them off the plant will look lopsided and nude. aaarrgghhh. The dilemma of today's florists!!! Hee hee. Can see the funny side now but swore and cried buckets half an hour ago!!! All this messing has cost me a lot of time. May have to be up half the night.....again! If only all the visitors to Tatton tomorrow could have an insight in what it takes to produce floral arrangements!!!!!

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