Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The trials and tribulations of a florist - 13th July

OK, it may be THURSDAY 13th but I've had better days! Now please don't laugh...........
It's my graduation tomorrow so thought it would be a great idea to make something floral to wear. I graduated last year with a foundation certificate and was the only florist student to wear flowers - a wrist corsage.
Looking back, it was pretty rubbish.
So anyway, this year I decide to go one better and make a floral necklace, AND a corsage.
Bearing in mind I've had one two many glasses of wine, it's midnight, and I've had a day of disasters, I decide to get the hot glue gun out.
Now, as any florist will tell you they are DANGEROUS at the best of times.
Has anyone else ever burnt their left boob???!!!!!! Well I have and I can tell you - it HURTS!!!!
There I was quietly gluing and wiring beads to make a necklace when I knocked my tool bag (precariously perched on a wobbly chair) which in turn knocked the glue gun off the table straight onto my left boob. Yes, I was semi naked. WHY? - because I was trying on the said necklace and my sweatshirt kept getting in the way. And as my fellow college students already know (and were appalled to find out!) I never wear a bra when I'm relaxing in the comfort of my own home. Well if you had boobs the size of mine you wouldn't either - bloomin uncomfortable things - bras, not boobs... actually both!!!
So there you have it. Anyone at college tomorrow who may see me grimace please don't laugh!!!!!

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