Saturday, 23 July 2011

Tatton Show results

Yippee I came second! After all the disasters leading up to the competition it was worth it in the end!! Because of my BBQ disaster I worked until 2.15am on my designs for the shop window display competition at Tatton Show. Up again at 5.15am to get to the showground by 7.30am. We had until 10am to set up the stand, only just finished in time. Water had got into the vase of smarties from the journey so I had to tip the whole lot out and start again - the second time this had happened. I got through 96 tubes of smarties!!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Trials and tribulations of a florist -3

Finally found some gorgeously stunning plants at Bents garden centre with the expert help of a wonderful sales lady called Sharon. Spent two hours making my "planted arrangement" for the Birthday Party Shop Window competition at Tatton tomorrow. Was about to take a photo but decided to wheel the BBQ (my container) into the house...why??!!!!.....

It fell over. Disaster. All my beautiful plants now covered in wet soil. And the centre piece - a beautiful banana plant - has now got two split leaves. If I leave them on the judges will deduct marks; if I take them off the plant will look lopsided and nude. aaarrgghhh. The dilemma of today's florists!!! Hee hee. Can see the funny side now but swore and cried buckets half an hour ago!!! All this messing has cost me a lot of time. May have to be up half the night.....again! If only all the visitors to Tatton tomorrow could have an insight in what it takes to produce floral arrangements!!!!!

Trials and tribulations of a florist

Aaaarrrrggggg. Why oh why do I enter competitions. Can't find ANYTHING I need. Time is running out fast.

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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

BFA at RHS Tatton Show

I've been persuaded at the very last minute to enter the BFA shop window competition at Tatton this Friday. Help. Haven't got a clue what to make! I have to create a shop window with the theme "The Birthday Party" and include four designs - planted arrangement, hand tied bouquet, table design and a birthday hat.
Better get cracking then!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Rain rain go away!

Farmers Market was a wash out. Pouring rain and mud put huge dampeners on selling my beautiful flowers. I've now got a campervan full of fabulous flowers at fabulous prices which I'll be selling door to door. I really havent got the heart to be throwing them away when they can brighten any home in this foul weather. Anyone in Lancashire want me to call round?? - ring me on 07702446544.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Farmers market

I'm selling flowers at my first farmers market today - Hoghton Towers between Blackburn and preston 10am - 2pm. Absolutely brilliant market in a beautiful location loads of fabby meats, cheeses, pies, cakes, chocolates, plants, veg and of course beautiful beautiful flowers. The campervan's first adventure as a mobile flower shop!!!!!

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Location:Hoghton Tower

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The trials and tribulations of a florist - 13th July

OK, it may be THURSDAY 13th but I've had better days! Now please don't laugh...........
It's my graduation tomorrow so thought it would be a great idea to make something floral to wear. I graduated last year with a foundation certificate and was the only florist student to wear flowers - a wrist corsage.
Looking back, it was pretty rubbish.
So anyway, this year I decide to go one better and make a floral necklace, AND a corsage.
Bearing in mind I've had one two many glasses of wine, it's midnight, and I've had a day of disasters, I decide to get the hot glue gun out.
Now, as any florist will tell you they are DANGEROUS at the best of times.
Has anyone else ever burnt their left boob???!!!!!! Well I have and I can tell you - it HURTS!!!!
There I was quietly gluing and wiring beads to make a necklace when I knocked my tool bag (precariously perched on a wobbly chair) which in turn knocked the glue gun off the table straight onto my left boob. Yes, I was semi naked. WHY? - because I was trying on the said necklace and my sweatshirt kept getting in the way. And as my fellow college students already know (and were appalled to find out!) I never wear a bra when I'm relaxing in the comfort of my own home. Well if you had boobs the size of mine you wouldn't either - bloomin uncomfortable things - bras, not boobs... actually both!!!
So there you have it. Anyone at college tomorrow who may see me grimace please don't laugh!!!!!

Unlucky 13th

Think my lucky spell has broken. Both my van and my car are at the car hospital and I've dropped one of my gorgeous large martini vases. Glass all over the road.

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Tuesday July 12th

Not a good day. Car has seriously overheated on the m61 with £200 worth of flowers in the boot. Aaaarrrrgg. Parked up hoping it will cool down.

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Sunday, 10 July 2011

VW camperjam Weston Park

A few pictures of some classic VWs from the weekend. I'm getting hooked on these wonderful vehicles. Still love mine the best though!!


Had a great time with 1000s of other VW campervans at Weston park in Shropshire!! Only downside was warm white wine as the leisure battery and fridge died!!!!
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Saturday, 9 July 2011

VW Camperjam

Think someone needs to show me how to erect a tent!! Pitiful attempt!

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Campervan's all packed! She started first time even though she's not been used for a week! Excited about our first 'VW camperjam' adventure. Can't wait to see all the vintage VWs. And hoping to pick up a few tips and spare parts along the way. First thing to learn is how the porta potty works - well I am getting on in years!!! Hee hee!!

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Friday, 8 July 2011

Campervan adventure

Taking the new (very old!) campervan on another mini adventure this weekend - going to a VW festival in Shropshire. 1000s of old VWs, live music....never even been to a music festival before so this will be a big first for me - I'm going to be a flower power hippy chick. Hee hee!!!!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

July 5th

Spent the whole morning trying to sort out Twitter, Skillpages, Facebook, blog etc. Going round and round in circles!
No idea if the whole lot are now linking but think they should!