Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Tuesday 12th October

You can tell I've gone back to finish my degree by the lack of blogs recently!!!
Doing my second year full time instead of part time (as I've been doing the past two years) is really stretching my poor old brain matter!!
Struggling to fit everything in but really enjoying all the creative side of it - lots of hands on, practical stuff this term.
Anyway here's a couple more pics to keep you going.

New album will be on facebook VERY soon - maybe even tonight!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Puppy latest

And here's a couple more cute pics of our adorable puppy Sophie!

College update

Well it's been an exhausting start at college. Trying to finish my degree full time, working around my Flowers With Passion work! Must be mad!!!
Complete overload of assignments. But loving it. Lots of hands on stuff this term and lots of scope to let the creative juices flow!
Last week we made handbags, hand-tieds in a plaited frame and a contemporary parellel piece using snake grass.
Today we were having a go at land art. Beautiful sunny day, could have been outside all day experimenting.
Here's a couple of pics. More on my facebook page - Flowers With Passion