Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Hair cut

Oh my word! First time I've had time to go to the hairdressers in months and I went a bit mad. All my hair has gone!!!! Oh well, won't have to go back for another year or two!!!!

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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Saturday Aug 21st

Thought you'd like to see pics of my two winning entries at Southport. More pics are on my facebook site.


Thursday, 19 August 2010

Southport - result!

Yippee yippee. Came first in both competitions. Wow. Can't believe it. Now stuck in gridlock traffic in Preston. No-one going anywhere as the motorway is shut in both directions. Nightmare. X

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Southport flower show

Spent days and hours and hours on my competition pieces for Southport Flower Show. Lots of blood, (literally - bloomin wires and rose thorns!!!!) sweat and tears and very late nights!! Off to see how I've done. Wish me luck. As I'm the only entry in "welcome aboard" I'll be gutted if I don't get placed!! Hee hee hee xx

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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

August 10th

I'd be doing a lot better with my creations if my puppy didn't keep coming into the shed and stealing bits to chew in the garden!!

August 10th

doing my first demonstration on a stage with a microphone tomorrow. Not got many finger nails left. VERY nervous (scared actually!!) but can't wait.
The dem is in Preesall, 3pm.
Bought the flowers this morning but had to put some back as I'd overspent my allowance!!! :(
Going to spend the afternoon in my shed playing and creating. Sooo excited! xx

Monday, 2 August 2010

August 2nd

Brilliant news - Carl's got a job. He's delivering high quality frozen fish and meals door to door. It means he gets a van (white van men watch out!!). He's on a decent basic and the targets are achievable - hopefully. 
With Carl starting work today it feels like this is my first official day working as a freelance from home. Got
a relay order this morning and I've done three wedding consultations in the past few days. One of which has just given me the go ahead - yippee! Here's hoping I keep getting orders otherwise I think I might go stir crazy being here all day every day on my own.

Well, not quite on my own, I have the utterly adorable but annoying  puppy Sophie here keeping me on my toes, She is full of beans and far too cocky. she's learnt that the garden means playing and ripping up my plants and the house means toilet. Just can't convince her it's the other way round! And she bit a deep hole in my finger this morning - big ouch! Otherwise she's pretty adorable!!

Now to concentrate - must focus on Flowers With Passion, not on playing with the computer!!