Wednesday, 30 June 2010

June 30th

All packed up and ready for our ferry to santorini. Only there is no ferry. Jeez! Two tour reps on two islands neither of whom can tell us what's going on.

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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

June 29th

Finally got internet access in Greece. Our last day on Mykonos Island today then back to Santorini for a week.
Loving this two week break. Can't get used to the fact that we're only half way through our hols when normally I'd have been on the way home by now.
Beautiful beautiful island. Been out off-roading exploring in our little hired yellow Fiat Panda!!! Went to one hotel that was high on the cliff, thought the poor car was going to fall over backwards!
Got some amazing pics. Will post them on my facebook.
But here's one to keep you going.....

Thursday, 24 June 2010

June 24th

Lazing on the beach in Mykonos. Cloudy in Greece today - just as well cos my poor skin isn't used to the sun! Been frying nicely!!! This was the view from the outdoor restaurant last night. Heaven!

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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

June 22nd

Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Off on our much needed hols. Two weeks away. Can't remember the last time I was away for two whole weeks!! Santorini and mykanos here we come!!!

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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

June 16th

Why is it when you think things can't get any worse another steamroller comes trundling down the hill? Our beloved dog Josie, my best friend and constant companion, died suddenly yesterday. She was only 7. It's almost exactly seven years to the day that I bought her on my way home from my Mother's funeral. She died suddenly too, just two months after my previous "best friend and companion" Coco died aged 4 from kidney disease.
As if that wasn't enough for one day the press have got hold of the story about our so-called "mouse infestation" at The Carmen Rose. As usual they've printed the story out of all context. Seen it on the web so far and there's been some foul comments left by people on the site who haven't got a clue what really happened.
Even the new owner has been quoted in the story saying some completely untrue lies. Jeez. Will our nightmare never end???

Sunday, 13 June 2010

June 13th

Now I've sold the carmen rose I'm trying to change my facebook entries to my new trading name: Flowers With Passion. Still struggling with the whole facebook/pages thing so bear with me!!! I've created a new page with lots of fab pics if you want to become a fan. More to follow.

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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

June 9th

Spent long long hours labouring all day yesterday to create my new studio out of all the mayhem in my dining room! Everythings now in place in my shed and looking good. Just got the million office boxes to go through now!!! Taking a day out to treat my daughter to shopping shopping and more shopping. Sitting outside the changing rooms while she tries on 30 outfits!!!!! Zzzzzzzzz

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Monday, 7 June 2010

June 7th

The carmen rose is no more! Or not ours anymore :( Spent the weekend serving 200 customers AND moving my flower studio and office stuff. Here's a picture of my new studio - yikes

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Saturday, 5 June 2010

June 5th

One more day left at the carmen road and the end of our dreams and hopes. But one thing we're defintely looking forward to is English breakfast and the newspapers on Sunday mornings!!

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Thursday, 3 June 2010

June 3rd

Why are ex's such a pain in the ..... I'm sooooo angry.

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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

May 29th

On my way to the wedding with a car load of beautiful flowers. Do the nerves beforehand ever go?? Will the bride love my work??!!!

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June 2nd

Jeez, what a day.
I was taken to court today by Ribble Valley Borough Council for allowing mice to come into the tearooms last autumn. They called it an infestation. At no time were our customers in any danger and I'd put traps and poison down- we killed 10 field mice - hardly an infestation. However, rather than give us a caution for a first offence they decided to prosecute - 10 charges. They dropped these to 5 today. Because of the immense pressure they have put us through for the past seven months I have sold the tearooms and gift shop. The new buyer is hoping to be in by Monday. For this reason, and this reason only, I pleaded guilty today to get the matter over and done with. I've been fined a hefty amount and have now lost everything.
As from Monday Carl and I will both be unemployed. Anyone out there need a good florist - part time????!!!
However, this is not all doom and gloom. Watch this space for more info next week. I have a plan!! In the meantime I might finally get time next week to put pics on of Girona Flower Festival and the gorgeous two weddings I did last weekend.
If any of my wonderful readers are customers of The Carmen Rose - a HUGE thank you for your custom and support. The new buyers are keeping the business as it is and hopefully improving it even further. I'm sure they'll love to see you.