Saturday, 29 May 2010

May 29th

On my way to the wedding with a car load of beautiful flowers. Do the nerves beforehand ever go?? Will the bride love my work??!!!

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Saturday 29th

A very excited Colline gets married at the Gibbon Bridge today. Making beautiful beautiful flowers for her big day. Got to bed at 12.30am then up at 6 for a quick dash to the wholesalers. The bride added three thank you bouquets to the order at the last minute and I didn't have enough roses!! Now to rush back and make 9 buttonholes, 7 corsages and 3 bouquets before 12!!

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Thursday, 20 May 2010

May 20th ps

Ps I haven't forgotten the pics from girona just haven't had a minute yet to get them together. Won't be long. Although brill weather finally on the horizon means the tea room will be mega busy this weekend. Just aren't enough hours in the day :(

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May 20th

Happy happy days. I entered a big wedding competition to be held at RHS Tatton show and found out I'm one of the 12 competing!!!! Can't wait. Got to create a 'shop window' of 7 floral wedding designs including a bouquet, table arrangement and chair back. Watch this space!!!!

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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

May 11th

This display of pot plants we estimated used 3000 plants!

This mannequin is covered in 35,000 swarovski crystals with natural gazelle antlers.....but silk peonies!

This display used around 1000 red carnations threaded through wire netting and into testtubes

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May 11th

Walked all day looking at thousands and thousands of flowers at the Temps de Flors festival, girona. Some fabulous creations, some not so good! I'll share a few now. The rest I'll upload when I get home. First hundreds of lime green crysanths hanging in one of the many courtyards.

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May 11th

Now in sunny Spain. Getting ready to go and see the outdoor flower festival. Watch this space for pictures later!! I'll be in flower heaven once more and this time carl is with me!!

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Monday, 10 May 2010

May 10th

It's just past midnight. I've finally finished putting all the Holland trip pictures on my facebook. Plus pics of the Asian wedding I did on Saturday.
Follow this link to see more:  facebook album

Off to Girona, Spain, in a few hours. Watch this space. I'll be posting more blogs and pics from the flower festival x

Sunday, 9 May 2010

May 9th

I've just created four photo albums on my facebook showing all the adventures of our Holland trip. hope you enjoy the pics!  .!/profile.php?id=100000927306090&v=photos&ref=profile

Friday, 7 May 2010


Tried staying up to watch some election results yawn zzzzzzzzz!!! Now in bed catching up with facebook - carl's snoring next to me!!! Nice. Some day soon I'll load up pics of my assignment piece - sure you're all desperate to see it!! Lol. Also pics of the holland trip. Next week off to girona Spain for big flower festival. I'm spoiling you with all this excitement!!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Saturday, 1 May 2010

May 1st

Is it May already??!!!!
Had a fabulous time in Holland but it was great to get home. A few us felt we were still on the boat days later and now I've got a streaming cold :(
Oh well, the sacrifice was worth it to see all those amazing flowers. As soon as I get time I'll upload the pictures for you all to see.
As soon as I got home had to start on my last assignment - a business report about marketing/finance. Yawn yawn.
Finally got it handed in with 2 seconds to spare. If you don't hand it in by 4pm on the day the maximum marks you can get is 40%. I went to the aid of a great friend who was struggling with hers. We ended up having printer and computer problems. Everything crashed with 7 pages left to print. NIGHTMARE.
Drove at neck break speeds to college, got the assignments bound and handed them in at 4.05pm. The poor girl behind us in the queue had to have hers stamped with Tuesday's date. Boy, were we lucky!!!
Now at work about to have a second wedding consultation with a beautiful bride. Here's hoping she likes the flowers and ideas I have in mind.